My son and his Peripatetic mother


If you saw this mess, you would probably presume that my 32 year old son has moved back home.   Well, actually,  its quite the reverse….Me…his mother…who has been living the peripatetic life for the last few years ( this is another way of saying i’m currently a NOmad) is crashing in my son’s spare bedroom.  Sleeping on a foamie on the floor, and my life’s possessions spread around the room….

I’m living the lifestyle “homeless by choice” these days, and currently preparing to leave for warmer climates.  Is what I’m doing becoming the norm – our hardworking children staying home to work while their wandering parents travel and then spend from a few days to a few weeks with them each year while we regroup in our home countries.  I used to crash at my parents house inbetween jobs and trips in my earlier years…in the 60’s and 70’s….How times have changed…

Actually I’m enjoying this time together, as I haven’t been successful in persuading him to quit his job and join me on the road….yet….And I do cook for him….some  things never change.

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