Beaches of Southern Goa…

goa 030

They are all lovely…..the south is much quieter than the north…and the beaches not as busy…that is why we like itIndia-goa 022… the main ones are Agonda, Palolem and Patnem beaches….with a number of smaller ones along the way.

India 119

Palolem  beach is walking distance to Patnem…it has more things happening there…and thus busier and nosier at times…Agonda is about 20 km north and is also becoming quite popular….

The further south you go, the quieter it becomes….goa 018

My favourite beach is Turtle Beach…a sanctuary for the turtles to lay their eggs…and about a 20 minute 042scooter ride from Patnem. Each year a few new restaurants are there but because of the turtle sanctuary, there never will be a large hotel complex…hopefully…just a few new huts to stay in..  goa 016goa 032
goa 019

It is also possible to walk from Patnem and take a short boat ride across the river entrance…and then keep walking along the beach.011

and every beach has wonderful sunsets..every night different but always beautiful..India-goa 041


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  1. Those beaches are beautiful Dawne! My interest in India has only recently been piqued and your pictures are doing a great job of convincing me it’s a country I must visit. Here at home my favorite Indian curry from my favorite Indian restaurant is the Goa curry – it’s slightly sweet with coconut and absolutely delicious. Now every time I read the name my mouth waters 🙂

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