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GOA…or India Light

India-goa 034

I’ve been thinking about posting for awhile, but guess I’ve been enjoying the laid-back lifestyle a little too much…goa 028

After 3 days in busy Mumbai, it felt wonderful to arrive in Goa…like a breathe of fresh air…667

Patnem Beach, south Goa, is becoming like a second home…many of my friends come regularly to escape the cold at home.India-goa 004

Im greeted with friendly “welcome back” from the local shopkeepers and restaurants…they even remember my name…something im not great at doing…that is remembering the names of others..


One of the first stops most visitors make is the local cellphone store…to request a SIM card…which now means a wait of 3-5 days for foreigners. The most popular shop in Chaudi, our local shopping town is the Baba Vodaphone Store…
goa 016
…which usually means stepping over a sleeping dog…


..or dodging a bull or cow….just to get into the shop.  The staff here are just incredible…so helpful and friendly..even with a store full of demanding foreigners and Indians.  goa 002

My favourite staff member …  helps me with computer problems,goa 021any inquiries I have, etc…always with a wonderful smile and great service.  I also enjoy watching them light the candles on their alter each morning…goa 018

We rely on good cellphone and Internet service …and thanks to Baba Vodaphone Store…they help us keep in contact with family and friends.

More Goa stories to follow….India-goa 022


Chiapas and San Cristobal de las Casas

san christoble de las casas 048

The morning sky was usually beautifully bright blue and clear…with rain in the afternoons.  San Cristobal is at an altitude of 2100 metres so it can be alittle cooler there as well.

You see people of many different indigenous groups throughout the city; with their variety of native dress.san christoble de las casas 082san christoble de las casas 098

Many of them are selling things to the tourists …..and some dont like to have their photo taken….and hide their faces….

san christoble de las casas 116

san christoble de las casas 111

Two interesting places to visit are the Mayan Museum of Traditional Medicine….


And Cisco, an american who started an Orchid rescue sanctuary over 20 years ago…saving many orchid varieties that otherwise would have been destroyed from the deforestation.



Why I went to Mexico…

222      ZOEL………

I came to meet the newest member of our family – my grandniece Zoel and help her celebrate her 1st birthday….zoel 089

…and her baptism…

zoel 019

And meet the many members of her  large family in Mexico…

Zoel's AbuelitaZoel’s Abuelita….

zoel 186…her papa and Tia Gladys and Edith (who love to spoil her)

Her Godparents and Parents

zoel 036

….and many other members of her extended family in Mexico.  She is very much loved by all.

zoel 040258