Dia de los Muertos – November 1&2


San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas,  is where I experienced Day of the Dead.  It didnt offer the special activities found in Oaxaca or Patzcuaro; but I found it interesting enough.

Throughout the city, every restaurant, hotel, store,  public place, etc set up beautiful alters in many different forms.  They all included flowers, fruits, and other food, and a photo of the deceased person being honoured.040043 san christoble de las casas 038san christoble de las casas 064

Families take this time to visit the grave site of departed family members.  It is a time to clean the grave, freshen it up, etc.  I visited the only cemetary in San Cristobal which almost seemed like a small town with the many buildings there.  Unlike the majority of our gravesides in Canada, here there are some very elaborate structures.027014

Everywhere there were fresh flowers.022

A few families were visiting on the gravesite, sharing food, etc.031

One family even had some live Marimba music and dancing.017

In San Juan Chamula, a traditional town nearby, to commerate Day of the Dead, they keep the church bells ringing for these two days.070


I volunteered to help pull the bells, but was told no because I was a woman.100

Halloween is celebrated almost as much as Day of the Dead in San Cristobal.  For several days prior, there were children trick or treating, parades in the main streets, etc.             san christoble de las casas 103

san christoble de las casas 123

Day of the Dead was a special celebration to experience and very much brought to mind my own departed family members.



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