Guanajauto and the Cerventino Festival…

guanajauto 036ii

I think of Guanajauto as an up and down city, full of twisting back streets and little lane ways.  It’s shaped like a bowl…with the historic centre in the middle of the city and the colourful houses creeping up the hillsides around it.  Five hours north of Mexico City by bus, it’s a manageable size of about 200,000 population.  Much of the traffic travels underground in a maze of tunnels that were originally used for water flowing from the mountains around.  This allows for many streets to be pedestrian only.guanajauto 025

guanajauto 010

Guanajauto is a wonderful city to explore on foot.  Walk up or down one of the lanes and you’re likely to find a cosy little restaurant …guanajauto 022

guanajauto 023

with some entertainment strolling through…or you may come across one of its numerous plazas, usually with a fountain in the middle.

guanajauto 006

Its reported that this fountain is the oldest in Mexico.

There is alot of street food to be found at all hours, but it seems to thrive after hours.  Tacos, tamales, tortas (sandwiches), gorditos ( thick tortillas stuffed with egg, meat, cheese, etc….guanajauto 015

Also lots of beautiful flowers available in street stalls.

guanajauto 009

guanajauto 032

Guanajauto is the birthplace of Mexico’s most famous painter…Diego Rivera.  A museum in his honour displays his home, and the largest collection of his artwork.  guanajauto 013

guanajauto 017

The 41st annual Cerventino Festival is happening from October 9 -27/13.  It is a wonderful mix of dance, theatre, all kinds of music, art etc…with over 3600 participants from 31 countries.  This year Uruguay is the featured country and Puebla the invited state of Mexico.guanajauto 004

There are many theatres, museums, and outdoor spaces used as venues.  Theatro Juarez, the opera house, is the largest and the place to hear Verdi or Wagner presented by several orchestras.

guanajauto 009

Many events are free of charge such as Explanada de la Alhondiga that presents a different act each night.guanajauto 027

guanajauto 028

The University stairs are used for a nightly showing of Mexican films, with a huge screen set up at the bottom.guanajauto 007guanajauto 029

There is also a nightly showing of Opera Movies; and the University Cineclub has daytime showings of older Mexican and American movies, all for free.

I saw Daniel Viglietti, a Uruguayan singer and political activist perform / he was involved with the New Song movement in the 60’s and 70’s and has played with Victor Jara and Violetta Parra, activists from the Chilean revolution. guanajauto 046

His concert was at Ex Hacienda de San Gabriel de Barrera..a beautiful museum and gardens.guanajauto 054

guanajauto 057

Throughout the Cerventino Festival there is alot of street theatre, and music is heard everywhere.guanajauto 078guanajauto 083

guanajauto 037

And there’s lots of kissing in the streets here as well.guanajauto 028


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