From Mayne Island to Mexico City…

From a community of 1000, to a city of 20 million is quite a shock.
Since the last time I was here, it feels like the number of cars in Mexico City has doubled. Traffic everywhere is heavy at all hours.mexico city 005
But the drivers have entertainment at the stop lights…a clown to wash your windows.mexico city 002

A new addition to aid transportation throughout the city is the Metro-Bus….it’s like a Metro…but a bus above the ground. It has four different lines that go virtually everywhere the older Metro goes, including the Airport.mexicocity 003
The Metro-Bus at 6 pesos is twice the cost of the Metro. Even with the extra cost, it still is jam packed full at rush hour.

The two things the working class can afford tend to have the longest lines… buying tickets inside the Metro and buying their daily supply of tortillas.mexico city 006

One can buy many things along the street…from luggage..mexico city 159
to juice and fruit salad..mexico city 007

Saturdays are a day of Tianguis and Football. Throughout the city, the tianguis, or markets are busy selling fruits, vegatables, great Oaxacan cheese, etc…mexico city 016mexico city 021mexico city 019
..and the Mexicans do love their Chicharrones (deep fried pork rinds)..mexico city 025

Saturday football games are loudly played on every television found in every bar and restaurant throughout the city…and even televisions on the street…mexico city 032..its so popular.

Reforma Avenue, a wide street with impressive buildings, leads you to the Historic District. mexico city 174

There are bike lanes for riding the Eco-bici bikes, that are available for rent throughout the city.mexico city 009

Bellas Artes, a beautiful historic theatre housing Diego Rivera murals and the Mexican Folkloric Ballet is worth visiting.mexico city 189

Condesa, is an upscale neighbourhood with many cafes, restaurants, galleries, etc.mexico city 013mexico city 014

Wandering through there, I came across a wonderful art exhibit at a government building. This was an exhibit from the Mexican School of Down Art, started in 1993 by the John Langdon Down Foundation, to work with artistically talented people with Downs Syndrome. mexico city 025mexico city 027mexico city 028
Wandering about, one can find many wonderful little art galleries.

One thing I’ve noticed about this city is…love ..or lust is in the air at all times…couples openly kissing, madly hugging, oblivious to others. mexico city 004

Many things to discover in a city this size…


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