A Mexican Birthday Party

My grand-niece, Zoel, turned one on Sunday. It was a big day for her. In the morning, she was baptized; her god-parents bought her a beautiful baptismal outfit and she looked like a little princess.zoel 015

In the afternoon was her birthday party.
About 40 family members came to help her celebrate. Her large extended family filled the hall with colorful balloons, etc.zoel 005zoel 111

Lunch was served first; tortillas, Pico de Gallo, salad, and beer. The the games started. Finger painting for the young children.zoel 120zoel 117
The young ones also enjoyed playing in a pool of coloured balls.zoel 129
The older kids had fun playing on the trampoline.
zoel 096
The highlight of the party was the two pinata’s full of candy. Maki-maki was Zoel’s favourite cartoon character.
zoel 080
Two guys had to stand on the roof to pull the rope for the pinatas.
zoel 137
Everyone had a turn hitting the pinatas with a strong stick, from the youngest first to the strongest. When it finally broke, there was a mad dash for the candy – young and old alike.
zoel 138zoel 153zoel 158zoel 161
Zoel’s parents with another of her favourite cartoon characters.
zoel 166
The finale of the party was the cake and party favours.
zoel 131zoel 188
And Zoel blowing out her candle.
zoel 200

A grand party for her first birthday.


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