about me

A little word about me and what I hope to do with this blog….

I’d say I’ve been a traveler at heart since birth;  I was ready to explore new places at a young age with long lost relatives. While working with Canada World Youth for many years, I enjoyed getting to know people from around the world.  My life was busy with raising my son, and later on caring for an aging parent.  

Now it is my time….and I am enjoying exploring the globe and making new friends along the way.  In some ways, it is cheaper to travel than stay at home.   This blog was started to share my photos and experiences with family and friends.  I would also hope that it can inspire you to follow your dreams, stay in tune with your passions, and live your life to the fullest.  We only have one life to live…so live it well. Quite often, I am asked if I ever felt afraid to travel….I’d have to answer “No”.  It’s important to do your research before leaving home; but along the way, if you are respectful in your dress and actions, allow your instincts  and common sense to guide you, you will probably meet wonderful people along the way.  The majority of the world’s peoples just wish to live in peace.Image



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  1. I really enjoy your Blog. Thanks for your wonderful way of looking at the world (and sharing it with all of us). Love seeing you explore and adore it all through the beautiful photography. ALL THE BEST ! X

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